This is easier said than done.

Many people are warning a younger and more left-leaning America that rhetoric can come back to haunt them. This is not only because people are insensitive to the causes of racial justice, equal access to health care, and fair pay for all Americans. It is because America has just survived a period of deep negativity. Or, more specifically, the nation survived the presidency of Donald Trump. Each day it seems like we get more evidence of how thoroughly corrupt that administration was and how people put their lives on the line to inform the…

Patterson Park is a neighborhood in Baltimore and it borders the 137-acre park where this flag stands tall.

There have been so many emotions and opinions in the last few years. That’s always going to be the case. But America must heal. This nation is that city on a hill with a larger calling. We have to set a standard for the world.

Our multiculturalism is a sign of a dynamic history that brought populations together from around the world in search of larger humanistic freedoms at a time when industrial aristocracies gained power and influence all over the globe.

Our pretension for business and commerce is a sign of how we molded communities and traditions to build…

Today it’s known for the Hard Rock Cafe, but this structure is known as the Pratt Street Power Plant and was built between 1900 and 1909. It was one of eleven structures in the zone to survive the Baltimore Fire of 1904.

Generations of immigrants came together to create the largest economy in human history. That’s America’s story. You don’t grow up in a city like Baltimore without understanding this.

You drive downtown, and you can’t help but notice how the smokestacks inform the city’s skyline. It’s living history. Yet, it is also a reminder that time has passed. And time was not always kind to one of America’s oldest major cities.

A lot of Baltimorians today either remember or hear about the “old days.” The city used to hum as a hub of steel processing, shipping, and transportation. Growing up, many…

There is a good chance that your first national memory was the Kennedy assassination. My father grew up in Baltimore off of Liberty Heights. I grew up in a house my great-grandmother owned, while my father grew up with his parents in a house less than 100 feet away. That became my grandparent’s house. So my dad was close enough to Washington, D.C. to witness the funeral of a slain president. I grew up with stories about how even at the age of three, he remembered that day. He remembers Washington, D.C. …

Taken 4/11/2021

There is this common misconception that liberals have blind faith in the government. For younger Americans, this can be a factor of age. Those of us born after the dawn of Reaganism can not appreciate how government activity alienated Americans. We have been living through the negative fallout of passive governing. So we grow annoyed when people bring up inflation and inefficient government programs. It seems like an old and stale argument. Respectfully, it comes out of a certain frame of reference.

In my experiences, I don’t think liberals have blind faith in “the government.” Liberals worry about the lack…

The image is from a Robert B. Talisse article published by Utica College Center of Public Affairs and Election Research.

The power of faith is often understated today.

Of course, there is a biblical definition of faith:

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” — Hebrews 11:1

More recently, Mahalia Jackson described faith as “the vitamins of the soul.”

At the end of the day, faith powers our cohesion as a society and as a species. It gives things meaning. It can be faith in God or faith in the laws of Physics. Ultimately, faith is what powers the engines of truth and accountability within our communities.

The abundance of bad faith…

Maps like this were in every U.S. state as COVID-19 raged across the nation.

It’s already 2021. Roughly 10.5 percent of America has only experienced America since September 11th. To be more explicit. The events of September 11th catalyzed a politics of paranoia and polarization. This is the only country that 10.5 percent of the populace knows.

Once twenty years into a new century, the dominant trends that will define the next eighty years will be clear and present.

By 1720, the growing power of mercantilism was now undeniable. Spain signs the Treaty of the Hague. It was a de-escalation of hostilities between the waning empire and four other European states. …

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